Friday, April 13, 2007

Velvet Tears (երգի բառերը)

If "I" was me and "You" were you,
Or there was "No" instead of me,
Your veins would split the world in two
To satisfy my point of view.
There's nothing lost and nothing gained,
Someday you'd have to meet your end,
It's time for you to hit the floor,
And nothing matters anymore.
Velvet lips, like blood in milk,
Too violent to break me here.
The veil of consciousness was weak,
Your velvet tears are what I take.
Among the treasures of the world,
For all the wicked and the cold,
Should it be me to dream awake,
Your velvet tears are what I take.
Your eyes were blank like broken glass
When your denial was to pass,
Now all the emptiness is gone,
Now you are dead and you are mine.
In sin we lived- in sin we died,
Now holy church is satisfied,
But two reflections in a lake,
Of velvet darkness, fail to wake.

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