Friday, February 18, 2011


Բայանդուր Պողոսյան
(You) I want to love, I want to dream,
I want to find myself again,
(Me) Just close your eyes and give your hand,
There’s nothing left to understand.

(You) My childhood’s memories unfold
And fill my god-forsaken world,
(Me) Just break my heart for one last time,
My inner Venus be undone.

(You) And when my heart can bear no ice,
How can I leave your paradise?
(Me) There is no turning back my love,
From the path we’re walking now.

(You) If all the pleasure turns to pain,
We gave our promises in vain.
(Me) If all your promises were lies,
Then both of us will have to die.

We knew that it was just a dream,
And it would end when darkness dimmed,
Now sleep my darling, close your eyes,
While all the life inside you dies.

We gave our lives for just one kiss,
And now lie in eternal peace,
Behold: the ocean’s left to dive,
And we will feel ourselves alive…
2007, Կապան

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