Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tell the Tale

Բայանդուր Պողոսյան
Tell the tale of a smile and the sun,
Would I change with the sun one your smile?
No sun and no moon, you’re the one,
But I failed- and that is my style.

Tell the tale of the man and the snow,
How the snow melts in hands of the man
Like a dream, like a wish, like a love,
When a dream and a love are for fun.

Tell the tale of the wind and the cloud,
How the wind gathers clouds on my head,
How the clouds start a storm, cry so loud,
And in waves you’re the light to direct.

Tell the tale of the head and the heart,
How the head knew that you won’t be mine,
But the heart cut the head all apart,
And my love of my pain is a sign.

Tell the tale of the life and the death,
How my life had no death to defeat,
Giving me pain with each breath
Gave me love for you as a bad seed.

Tell the tale of the earth and the sky,
How the sky cried all rains for the earth,
But the earth had no love for the high,
And my dreams do crash down from my birth.

Tell the tale of the pain and the soul,
Now my soul feels nothing but pain,
I can’t see, I can’t hear, I just crawl,
And I feel how I’m going insane.

Tell the tale of the wounds and the cure,
Wounds that no cure can ever heal,
But these wounds will not kill, that’s for sure,
And I think that they’d better kill.

Tell the tale of my bitter tears,
How I can do nothing but cry,
How you left me alone with my fears,
And the only question is “why?”.

Tell the tale of the stars so bright,
How I loved to stare at them,
I’m afraid they crashed down tonight,
And my sky’s now an empty frame.

Tell the tale of the flowers I picked,
All the guilt now I’m punished for,
Now I’m down in the dust, hurt and kicked,
Now I’m much worse than I was before.

Tell the tale how I’m dying alone,
How my blood slowly drips on the floor,
Broken heart, broken mind, broken stone-
Love’s creation is death, nothing more.

Tell the tale of the wrong and the right,
Is it wrong that I love you, my sweet?
Is it right that my heart’s now in blight,
That I drown and desire a breath?

Tell the tale of the touch I won’t have,
Of the kiss, that will never be mine,
Of the love, that was able to save,
But of which you won’t show any sign.

Tell the tale, tell me another one,
I just need to hear your sweet voice,
How the world sometimes crashes down,
How my feelings, my dear, aren’t toys.

Tell the tale of the love and the fate,
How my love in no fate could believe,
Tell the tale how a boy could not hate,
And a girl gave him strength just to live.
2002, Երևան

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