Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breathing Underwater

Գրավյուրաները «Philosophia reformata, Johann Mylius, Frankfurt, 1622», «Les Rudiments de la Philosophie, Nicolas de Losques, Paris, 1665» ու «Basilius Valentinus, Azoth, Paris, 1659» գրքերից են, գրիչով արված թեմատիկ նկարները՝ սեփական աշխատանք:
Բանաստեղծական ցիկլ
2005-2006, ԿԱՊԱՆ
I smell rain in the air...
I taste you in the rain...
My heart is too late or th late.

And I had to faint
Not to give you a sign
Of life or of light?
Maybe both
Got lost in your underwear.

Even now, I do not care...

Naked like love, lovely like hatred,
My sweet autumn nightmare...
Beware, winter comes to share me with pain,
Whatever she does is in vain -
I gave up my hopes again.

Brighter than darkness, softer than stone,
I took my loneliness on.
I am numb, and you are gone.

Tears of sorrow you spill
And they run down your cheek
as you break.

All the sweetness of lips
Turns to bitter and salt.
It's my fault...

My will turned out to be your end.
Why did you trust me?"

Tears of sorrow you spill-
They are burning your neck.
My mistake.

And I break...

"My will turned out to be your end.
Why did you trust me?
Faith lie still beneath a stone of tomb.
How could we fake?"

For heaven's sake
We dream awake
As we break.

My stranger, my death, my damnation,
The black crow upon my lone grave,
Feasting over the light that I have,
Is of solitude.

She haunts me at night in my bed,
And her tenderness scares me to death.

And I run,
The walls run towards me.
I still run, hit the walls,
And the ground runs towards me.
Restless and lone I hit the ground
Again and again, as she watches me fall.
And I still fall, my eyes wide open.

Still and never, I fall into solitude again.

My stranger is of solitude,
And my solitude is of you.
My stranger is you,
Just you.

Three months of rain washed her feelings away
Leaving no colors and hope.
She was left sharing bed with another gray day,
And still the pain did not stop.

Again the word "home" was only a word,
And again the words made no sense...
Stepping over the edge of a sword
She danced her lonely dance.

Bittersweet tears, misery tears,
Tears feeding salt to her wounds,
Silently fall, and no one hears
How one more life was doomed.

Bittersweet tears, misery tears,
Feelings she tries to disguise...
Bittersweet tears, misery tears,
Slowly turn to ice.

I made it wrong, I broke it hard,
I listened to my reckless heart,
Despaired by loss - I lost despair.
How could I dare... In emptiness
I slaughter promises we made,
I trade myself for fading lights
Of one more dull and sleepy night.
I'm followed by your butterflies,
Your butterflies fly on my guilt.
You see me bare, and I am filth,
But blind to this - you make me feel
That there is more to life than it.
Enjoying my complete defeat -
I'm waiting for a final call...
Blood-thirsty monsters - iron cars -
Will smash my pride upon the wall,

Come gray rain,
Come wash my face
Off the mask of happiness
I should wear.
Love is nothing,
And I am the nothingness
Of her love.
Come gray rain,
Pour the rust of heavens
Upon our souls.
Home is nothing,
An illusion of shelter.
I have no home,
No illusions.
Come gray rain...
Long... Monotone...
Music is nothing,
Crystallized light,
Come gray rain,
Come close my eyes.
I want to die
As you end.
Death is nothing
But a suicide of hope.
And I have no hope.
Come gray rain,
Come gray death,
Wash me off the Earth.
I am nothing.

I’m just a lone voice in your sanity
Telling you to stop.
It's over.
Kneel down right in the street.
The end.

I'm your sweet desperation.
You knew I'd come.
I'm here -
Deep empty voice,
Deep empty well.

Look down:
A pavement
Millions walked over
Without noticing it.
If you lie down here,
How many will notice?

Will you become invisible?
Will anyone spit on you or hit you,
And break his neck?
Why are you this way,
This wrong?

I'm just you -
A crazy youth
Lying on the pavement.

Come wander deep into the night,
While dreaming, your feet bare.
Come wander deep into the night,
Come wander, if you dare.

The path is serpentine and dark,
I'll guide you through the thorns.
You'll come unharmed, you'll come alone
And find a girl that mourns.

No word of sorrow dries her tears,
No tears can ease her pain,
As her loved one, of noble heart,
Will not be back again.

Come wander deep into the night,
Come wander, never fall...
It was December, wet and cold,
They gave your flesh to soil...

There is no place
Where mist dwells
Undistorted by the rays of light and
You can't be immortal
Before you hate life with all your heart and
Nothing will change
If nothing dies for that purpose and
When too clear,
Hurts like poison.
This is the law,
And the cost of disobedience
Is an emotional winter.
Did she understand it all
When her feet left the edge
For her lips to touch the ground

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