Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Odds (Answer to Emily Dickinson's "My Letter to the World")

Բայանդուր Պողոսյան
Unbroken dreams.
Unspoilt mind.
Unaching heart
Not torn apart...
Forceless demons
Locked forever,
And no fever from the drug.
Prince from a frog...
The time has stuck
In a happy moment of life.
And you're his wife.
Pictures of this
Are going down.
The golden crown
Falls on the lawn,
The burning dawn
Pictures the blood
Pouring in streams.
Fate, as it seems
Has always aimed
The weak.

Unshared love...
Ungiven kiss...
Paranoid thoughts about this...
A thousand “friends”,
And each pretends
That no one stands
By your own side
As if he mends
Your heartache wounds...
And happy thoughts
Are far away.
No, they won't stay
As happiness
Is not for us.
Oh, never dream,
For every dream
Turns into nightmare in the end.
We'll never stand against a land
So full of Them.
Just two of us,
We are The Odds.
2004, Երևան

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